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1.4. Matplotlib: plotting
1.3. NumPy: creating and manipulating numerical data
1.2. The Python language
1.5. Scipy : high-level scientific computing
Matplotlib for Python
NumPy v1.13 Manual
Introduction to Scientific Computing in Python
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An Introduction to Tkinter
How to make Python programs executable
Creating an Executable from a Python Script
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Creating Buttons, Tkinter
Adding Style to Tkinter Bottons
Matplotlib Widgets
Matplotlib Ticks
Controling simple line plots
PyPlot Examples
Frequency and the Fast Fourier Transform
Frequency Spectrum with SciPy
Introduction to Neural Signal Processing
Python matplotlib.pyplot.barh() Examples
Ploting Examples from Images in Python
Simple Wave Generation In Python (and SciPy)
Audio Processing in Python Part I
Introduction to Neural Signal Processing
Python matplotlib.widgets.Button() Examples
Changing button colors when pressed
Using "Graphics" in Python
Switching Between SubPlots
Working with MatPlotLib Axes
1.1. Python scientific computing ecosystem
Playing and Recording Sound in Python
RecordingEMG Signals on a Computer Sound Card
PyQtgraph Spectrogram
QSpectrumAnalyzer 2.1.0